This site has a review of the characters in the Thomas Harris novel Red Dragon. Since the first season of the TV series Hannibal is set four years before Red Dragon, this blog may contain SPOILERS for that show.

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Willy Foster Graham

Willy Foster Graham is Will Graham's 11-year old stepson. Willy's father had been a baseball player, and a good one. He and Willy's mother (Molly) married in college. He died when Willy was six. Willy still watched baseball whenever he can.

"Say, I'm going in the kitchen for a minute. You want something, a Coke?" Willy liked to bring Graham things, but he always made it a casual adjunct to something he was going to do anyway. No special trip or anything."

"HANNIBAL" (Four years before)
In Season one of "Hannibal" Willy is 7 years old and his father died the previous year. Willy has not yet met Will Graham.

Will Graham met Willy's mother (Molly) a year after Hannibal very nearly killed him (this could be sometime in Season Two).

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