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Bob Greer

Bob Greer is the alias Hannibal Lecter used when he was trying to obtain Will Graham's home address. He phoned Alan Bloom's office on a Saturday reasoning that his regular secretary wouldn't be there and he would be able to persuade the graduate assistant who was manning the phone to give him the address.

Lecter claimed to be Bob Greer from the Blaine and Edwards Publishing Company who Dr. Bloom had asked to send a copy of Winfred Overholser's The Psychiatrist and the Law to Will Graham. Lecter claimed that Dr. Bloom's regular secretary, Linda Hunt, was supposed to send on the address, but had forgotten to, and rather than get her in trouble could the graduate assistant give him Will Graham's address. To further persuade her, Lecter claimed he had "to catch Federal Express with it in about five minutes, and I hate to bother Dr. Bloom about it at home" and he said: "I'll dance at your wedding if you'll read it to me". He was successful in his ruse.

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