This site has a review of the characters in the Thomas Harris novel Red Dragon. Since the first season of the TV series Hannibal is set four years before Red Dragon, this blog may contain SPOILERS for that show.

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Garrett Jacob Hobbs aka "Minnesota Shrike"

"Garrett Hobbs was insane"

For eight months Hobbs (the  "Minnesota Shrike") caused terror in Minneapolis by attacking college girls and killing them with a knife. He left a little curly piece of metal in the clothes one of the girls he attacked and this led Will Graham to investigate steamfitters and plumbers until he came across a construction job where Hobbs had left a resignation letter that Graham felt was peculiar and worth investigating.

Graham came to Hobbs's apartment house with a uniformed police officer. Hobbs saw them coming and murdered his own wife by stabbing her several times and threw her body down the stairs to delay the investigators. He then attacked his own daughter and cut her in the neck with his knife, he succeeded in cutting through her windpipe, but not her arteries before Will Graham shot him. Hobbs died sitting on the floor crying "See? See?" to his daughter.

Hobb's daughter recovered from her wounds.

"HANNIBAL" (Four years before)
Bryan Fuller says "We know from the book that Will Graham was psychologically incapacitated when he captured a serial killer known as the Minnesota Shrike, Garrett Jacob Hobbs. That’s all we knew. So we got to craft what kind of killer Garrett Jacob Hobbs was, how that would have the impact on Will Graham and how that would bring Hannibal Lecter into the story in an organic way."

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