This site has a review of the characters in the Thomas Harris novel Red Dragon. Since the first season of the TV series Hannibal is set four years before Red Dragon, this blog may contain SPOILERS for that show.

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Stanley Riddle

Stanley Riddle is a sergeant  in the Chicago police department who is first on scene to arrest the person who had been calling the FBI identifying himself as "Mr. Pilgrim" who the FBI suspect may be the "Tooth Fairy" killer. The caller turns out to be Freddy Lounds, who Riddle has known for ten years and seems to be on good terms with him. Riddle checks with the callee, Will Graham, to see if he wants to prefer charges, to which Graham replies: "Yes, I'm preferring charges. Obstruction of justice. Please take him in and hold him for the U.S attorney."

"HANNIBAL" (Four years before)
It is unknown if Stanley Riddle will appear in Hannibal. 

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